L’R des centres de femmes
du Québec

The largest feminist coalition of independant community action in Quebec.

Photo by André Querry

About L’R

This coalition, or “regroupement” in French, was named L’R (pronounced “air”) because it is a Resource that belongs exclusively to women’s centres as well as a netwoRk for women’s centres to collaborate so that one day, the eRa where all women will have all the aiR they need to breathe. As the song by Diane Dufresne goes, Donnez-moi de l’oxygène ! (“Give me oxygen!”) 

L’R is, above all, a coalition of 87 member centres throughout all of Quebec’s regions. Organized into 15 regional organizations of women’s centres, the members of L’R send one representative from each region to form the provincial coordination committee (called the “Coco” for short). L’R is also an elected executive committee and several working committees made up of representatives from women’s centres across Quebec. As well, L’R is a team of four permanent employees and many contractors. 

Photo by André Querry

Photo by André Querry

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