Coordination of a network of women’s centres across Quebec

L’R’s offices are at the Maison Parent-Roback, a housing NGO with a mission of promoting women’s issues. 

    L’R des centres de femmes du Québec
    469, rue Jean-Talon Ouest, bureau 418
    Montreal, Quebec H3N 1R4

    514 876-9965

    Our Team 

    Our permanent employees work together to coordinate everything required to put women’s centres’ plans into action, which is why they are all co-coordinators. They all run training sessions, offer support to women’s centres, and share management duties. However, they are each responsible for certain files and projects.

    Stéphanie Vallée

    Interim Co-coordinator. Main responsibilities: Funding and Mission, Violence, and Overview of L’R.

    Charlotte Biddle Bocan

    Main responsibilities: Communications and Mobilization. Interim.

    Marie-Pier Kouassi

    Project Manager for « En’Rayer les violences » (e’Radicate violence).

    Sylvie St-Amand

    Co-coordinator. Main responsibilities: Administration, Human Resources, and Finances.

    Marie Deckers

    Interim Co-coordinator. Administrative Coordinator.

    Catherine Cyr Wright

    Training consultant.

    Katia Pharand Dinardo

    >On leave. Co-coordinator. Main responsibilities: Communications and Mobilization.

    Valérie Gilker-Létourneau

    On leave. Co-coordinator. Main responsibilities: Overview of L’R and Training.

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