Women’s Centres are also Engaged in the Struggle to End Violence.

To mark Provincial Women’s Centre Day, L’R des centres de femmes (also known as L’R) releases today a platform of demands to seek recognition for their work surrounding issues of violence against women. L’R is the largest, feminist, autonomous community action network in the province. The network and its 77 member centres are mobilizing under the banner of “Working Together to End the Violence.

Women’s centres know their regions and communities, and this has helped them develop a special kind of expertise that informs their work in the struggle against violence. This expertise is also informed by a holistic approach to women’s unique and diverse experiences. “Intervention work, and awareness-raising work, around the issue of violence against women is fundamentally part of a women’s centre’s mission,” explains Nadia Morissette, L’R’s General Coordinator. “Women’s centres want to improve the everyday lives of women, and this includes dealing with the violence they experience. Each centre works with what’s happening in their communities and supports women in response to their real needs. Every centre contributes to the fight to end violence against women.”

L’R’s platform of demands call for women’s centre being involved in all initiatives tied to ending violence against women. The platform also calls for adequate levels of funding to help them pursue their work to meet the needs in their communities. “The work we do surrounding violence is indispensable and helps complete the spectrum of services available to women who are working end the violence in their lives. Recognizing the importance of women’s centres’ work is critical if we are to make headway in this fight. It’s all about Working Together to End the Violence,” explains Nadia Morissette.