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External services

L’R des centres de femmes du Québec has developed many areas of expertise, particularly in management and in feminist intervention. Any organizations, unions or businesses which are interested by these issues are invited to contact our office for support, training or conferences on feminist issues.

  1. Support
  2. Training/coaching
  3. Conferences

Pricing for our external services varies according to the status and revenue of the organization. Here are the starting prices. 

Women’s groups and community groups

300 $ per half-day
500 $ per day
Unions 600 $ per half-day
1000 $ per day


1000 $ per half-day
1500 $ per day

We are always open to negotiating prices according to organizations’ ability to pay for our external services.

  • Regional development
  • Feminist intervention
  • Feminist mental health intervention
  • Intersectional feminist intervention
  • Feminist management
  • Combating prejudice
  • Organizational ethics
  • Invisible work and the mental load
  • And more!

Contact our team for more information.

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