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Becoming a member of L’R

La force du réseauTo become a member of L’R, first, you need to adhere to our Basis of Political Unity (BPU). Next, you will need to take part in community life. You can do this by contacting a women’s centre in your region or by contacting our office for more information. 

In addition to having access to all of our services for members, L’R’s members contribute to the development of feminist solidarity across the province! 

As a member of L’R, you are a part of an exceptional network of feminist solidarity! Women’s centres who are members of L’R started the World March of Women! 

As a member of L’R, you are giving a voice to the women at your centre. Because of your participation in L’R’s community life, you can bring the voice of women in your network to the places where political decisions are made, where important decisions which affect women’s living conditions are made. In fact, each member centre has the chance to name a representative from their region to take part in the board of directors, where they can share the concerns of their region, learn the concerns of other regions, and decide on projects for the common good of our network. 

As a member of L’R, you will develop relationships with the women’s centres in your region, and contribute to the growth of solidarity in your region, which will allow you to fight together for the issues that affect your region. 

As a member of L’R, you can participate in and vote at the Annual General Meeting. By paying one price to attend our congress, you help share the cost of access to the event between regions that are closer to the cities where our congresses are held and those that are further away. 

In fact, L’R reimburses transit costs and per diem costs to women’s centres through funds that were raised through this single price, which was renewed in 2014 and more recently by L’R’s Coordination Committee as it allows for participation from all regions of Quebec at our congress. 

The cost of membership for a women’s centre is 1.2% of the recurring subsidies that the centre receives in one year (recurring subsidies often come from funding sources such as the Ministry of Health and Social Services or from the United Way).This has been the case since 2009 and the price has never been raised since. This amount varies from centre to centre, but usually comes out to around $2000 per year. This is not a small amount of money, but it makes a big difference when considering all of the advantages of being a member of L’R as an individual centre and as one centre among many. 

The membership fee is a political choice, as it allows us to cover the cost of the services mentioned above (training, information, accompaniment), community life, the protection of the mission and the funding of women’s centres, and the defence of women’s rights. 

In the short term, the cost of membership may seem high, but we invite you to consider that in the medium or long term, it is a smart way to protect the practices, the mission and the funding of women’s centres. 

As a member of L’R, you support the fight for the funding of women’s centres and the protection of their mission. In fact, L’R represents its members during negotiations for the PSOC, the Ministry’s funding scheme for community services. Did you know that, if your funding was increased by at least $165,000 in 2008, it is because L’R fought for that increase?

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